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Founded in 2009, Timbira is a consulting and service company that operates in several cities in Brazil. With a team of experts working in the PostgreSQL community, Timbira offers extensive knowledge base which can be consulted at any time by our customers.

Timbira focuses on the implementation and support of PostgreSQL and related tools. Our services include support for up to 24 hours a day, strategic consulting, technical advice and qualified training.

The company is known for active development in PostgreSQL community and deploying solutions related to PostgreSQL. We have a talented team of employees and a portfolio of reputable customers.

Why Timbira?

With over 10 years' experience in PostgreSQL and some PostgreSQL developers on your team, Timbira is the brazilian reference in this DBMS. Our methodology provides active customer participation in the service; tracking and validating the quality of each process stage of solution improvement or architecture.

Our experience, methodology and tools allow us to solve problems with costs and deadlines extremely competitive.

Why PostgreSQL?

PostgreSQL is a community project. You will be supported by Timbira, several companies and developers worldwide.

PostgreSQL is open source. Source code availability provides independent software vendor. If your company needs to modify or extend the PostgreSQL then this can be done with minimal effort and no additional cost.

PostgreSQL is ANSI SQL compliant. Applications written to be compatible with SQL standard can be deployed with DBMSs that support it, including PostgreSQL.

PostgreSQL is ACID compliant. This set of properties (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability) ensure that transactions in a database are processed safely.

PostgreSQL is extensible. You can extend the PostgreSQL easily by adding new modules.

PostgreSQL is robust, secure and scalable. The modular architecture, concern for quality and a history of use by many industry segments allow these qualities are achieved. Unlike many database servers, it is very common companies claim that PostgreSQL has never suffered a crash on several years of operation.

PostgreSQL is supported on numerous platforms. It is available for almost every operating system derived from UNIX and Windows® (over 30 platforms supported in the latest stable version). No other DBMS supports too many platforms.

When using PostgreSQL, you stimulate knowledge sharing, collaborative production of good tools, in addition to saving the license fees.


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