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Postgres inteligence starts here: enable the future you want with our Sustainability Hub.

Define a proactive strategy for long and secure database growth that drives real business outcomes. This toolkit helps you to build a big picture view of your database, and get the reports you need to level with stakeholders.

Discover a new tool for analyzing your PostgreSQL: pg_healthcheck

  • If you have a brand new Postgres installation
  • And you want to get off with the right foot
  • With an eye on a sustainable future
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We made it simple to start in the right track

The first checklist you need for sustainability

Ensure your initial database configuration is in line with your growth plan.

Intuitive database analysis for begginers

Even without extensive knowledge, you can install the collector and receive recommendations.

Recomendations tailored for your cluster

Everything is based on your PostgreSQL environment and the plan you designed.

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